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Yo! We're the Cantarella System, and we're a primarily DID(self dx'd for personal reasons) system with members that were reincarnated alongside the host as well as walk-ins. We do see ourselves as being 100% traumagenic, but both psychological and spiritual in nature. We have 27 active members, a dormant persecutor, and many more undiscovered members.

Known members:
Jace(more commonly known as Koujaku or Konoe) - Main Host. He/Him pronouns, fictionkin, otherkin, therian. He's not the most stable, he's got some bad habits, for example, not thinking before he acts/speaks. However, he's usually pretty kind, although he does have a tendency for things to come off the wrong way. Hella Bi. 17(age of body)

Mizuki - Co-Host, Protector. Fictive of Mizuki from DRAMAtical Murder, He/Him, in the system due to being reincarnated into the body alongside Koujaku and Sei. Not much impulse control, more rational than the host, tries his best, but is still a major shithead. Very gay. 17

Sei - Co-Host, Protector. Fictive of Sei from DRAMAtical Murder, He/Him, reincarnated into the body with Koujaku and Mizuki. Pansexual, but prefers guys. 17

Soul - Protector. Kitsune. She/Her. Has both human, feral, and antropomorphic forms. 6 tails, purple ombre hair. Tribal face markings, also purple. Purple eyes. Dark gray fur. 17

Leaks - Protector. Fictive of Leaks from Lamento Beyond the Void. He/Him. Walk-in. Married to Shui. Very stern. 35

Ross - Protector. Anthropomorphic maned wolf with a goatee, Scene hair, Jim Carey glasses, and a robot arm. He's 28.

Iblis - Anthropomorphic Orange dragon with gold horns and markings. Black emo hair. Listens to R.E.M, Foo Fighters, and other bands. 17 He/Him

Yazoo - Protector. Fictive of Yazoo from Final Fantasy. Kind of reclusive. Ageless He/Him

Scourge - Protector/Caretaker. Fictive of a humanized Yakuza version of Scourge from Warriors. Has Irezumi tattoos. He/Him. 20.

Shui - Caretaker. Fictive of Shui from Lamento Beyond The Void. Married to Leaks. A little younger than Leaks. He/Him. Walk-in.

Jack - Caretaker(?). Anthropmorphic Lion/Jaguar hybrid. Black fur, Blue markings, Blue mane/Tail tip, Blue eyes. He/Him. 18

Firestar - Supporter. Fictive of Firestar from Warriors. He/Him. Dating Graystripe. Adult

Greystripe - Supporter. Fictive of Graystripe from Warriors. He/Him. Dating Firestar. Adult

Brooklyn - Fictive of Brooklyn Masefield from Beyblade G-Revolution. He/Him. 18. Subsystem

Zeus - Brooklyn's headmate. He/Him. Humanized version of Brooklyn's Bit-Beast. Ageless

Firi - Fictive of Firi from Lamento Beyond The Void. He/Him. 19. Walk-in

Rin - Fictive of Rin from Togainu no Chi. He/Him. 19. Walk-in

Miki - Non-canon fictive of Mizuki's allmate. Humanoid Ermine. She/Her. 17. Walk-in

Dax(aka Drei) - Non-canon fictive of Mizuki's allmate. Humanoid Ermine. Older brother of Miki. He/Him. 19. Walk-in.

Morgan - Succubus, purple hair and wings. 1,000 years old, but appears around 21. She/Her. Part of X and Z's team of space bandits.

X - Anthropomorphic tiger. Wears goggles. He/Him. High-Tech spacecraft Pilot and bandit. Team Leader. 23

Z - Anthropomorphic cat demon. Looks very similar to Kuro from Blue Exorcist. He/Him. Part of X and Morgan's team of bandits. 19

Ivan - Russian cybergoth/scenekid. He/Him. Black hair with neon green streaks. Lots of piercings. 15.

Lily - Anthropomorphic pink dragon. She/They. 20.

Zira - Fictive of Zira from The Lion King series. Usually non-verbal. She/Her. Adult

Valzor - Crow demon OC introject. About 20 feet tall. He/It. Usually communicates in squaks and caws, although he does speak English as well, although it's rare. His voice is very echoey. Ageless

Mimic - Shapeshifting Slime/Oil dragon thing. It/its. Ageless. Non-verbal.


Glytch - Persecutor. She/Her. Looks the same as Soul, but with Red instead of Purple. Started as a facet of the host but formed into a fully separate alter. 17. DO NOT INTERACT WITH HER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. IGNORE HER IF SHE TRIES TO INTERACT WITH YOU OR YOUR SYSTEMMATES.

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